SFORI, the leading experience training consultant in Portugal, and Rock in Rio, the world's biggest music and entertainment event, bring to Lisbon another edition of Rock in Rio Academy! An innovative experience for executives of all areas, with lectures and demonstrations by those who make the festival happen, in addition to special participation by professionals from various market segments that will put this living case study in context.

The methodology allows participants of Rock in Rio Academy to gain in-depth knowledge from behind the scenes of the event, which has become a global business case.

Modern management concepts will also be covered through practical examples supported by first-hand experience, tracing the path to success of an event that has lasted for more than 30 years.

Live Case Study

The Living Case Study is a methodology that allows
the participant to experience the case in practice, in the environment in which it
takes place and with the people who make it a reality.

In the case studies applied in traditional business schools, the challenges are outdated, and their presentation is, as a rule, distant and introduced by someone with little direct knowledge of the case. At Rock in Rio Academy the experience is totally different - real, deep and interactive - with the participants having direct contact with the executives who put on the festival, as well as the latest news, innovative concepts and trends.

At Rock in Rio Academy, participants will be able to see the challenges of creating a global event up close, as well as the processes and solutions adopted to overcome them. All this is presented by the people who actually put on Rock in Rio.


Do sonho à estratégia


All dreamers are potential entrepreneurs, but the magic lies in being able to make the dream a reality.

Rock in Rio Academy unveils the strategies that made Rock in Rio evolve from an idea into the world's biggest music festival, going beyond the entrepreneur's vision to become a solid and profitable business.

Excelência em gestão


To make it in competitive markets an idea or concept is not enough, you need to deliver a complete experience. This requires processes that guide the execution of the business, a clear and detailed vision and an openness to creativity and innovation.

At Rock Academy, the participants will learn the dynamics to: structure a business model; manage strategic partnerships that support the operation; build measures for client relationships; and maintain win-win relationships with stakeholders; among many other management tools.

Mais do que ver, viver a experiência


For a complete living case: a good dose of experience. Visiting each space in the City of Rock helps contextualize and strengthen all the concepts learned during the day.

In this module, the creator and president of Rock in Rio, Roberto Medina, will speak directly with the participants in an inspiring presentation that will demystify business management.


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